Saturday, September 18, 2010

Favorite Tools - Large Ironing Board More Info

Deb G. in VA asked some questions about the Large Ironing Board and I am going to answer them here.    Deb thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Do you remember what kind of wood was used to make it?
              The top is 3/8" plywood, the nicer board not full of knots and not ply board. 

Is it heavy?
              I can lift it by myself and I can carry it by myself from my sewing room to another room or out to the car to pack it for camp.  It is not light but not too heavy. 

Did you finish the wood before you covered it, i.e. paint or coat it with polyurethane?
             The wood is unfinished, the edges are rounded a little and sanded smooth. 

What did you use to cover it with, regular batting and fabric?
            The bottom layer is a piece of carpet felt, 2nd layer is warm and natural batting and finally covered with muslin.  The muslin is stapled to the bottom of the board.  The top two layers are cut to the edge of board and not tacked down.

Carpet Felt
Here is a picture of Carpet Felt. I hope that helps.

Happy Stitching!


Micki said...

The interview was great! I enjoyed the post!

Barbara said...

I just have my board with 2 layers of batting and then some of that silver heat resistant fabric on the top stapled down to the back of the plywood. My husband also attached 2 long strips on the bottom the width of my ironing board so it doesn't move around. I also made a cotton decorative cover to go over the silver part that once it gets dirty, I can just make another. I don't know how I ironed my quilts before I got the board.

Mary said...

Hi Barbara,
My husband has two strips of wood on the bottom of mine, also the width of the ironing board. It makes it very snug so it doesn’t move around. Actually at quilt camp one of my quilting friends said my husbands' board was of better quality than some others she had seen. I was very glad to hear that.
Thanks for stopping buy girls and for your comments.