Monday, August 30, 2010

Blue Moon Quilt

Blue Moon on the frame quilted completed.
After I was in bed last night I realized I had not posted about my Blue Moon Quilt. I actually took it off the frame on Sunday Aug 22nd but I did not do a blog post that night or that week. I did free motion Loop de Loops with stars and crescent moons. The quilting in the sashing and borders is more open and the quilting around the applique is a little denser.

More of the quilting
 I'm happy with how it turned out.  I added the binding last Sunday night and I have been sewing the back down by hand a little every other night or so.

How it is today with the binding almost done.

I took it to work today to show my co-workers, they where all very complimentary.  One gal Mendy was so fun, as she noticed the stars and the moons in the quilting.  It is always fun to me to watch non-quilters admire quilting.  She suddenly asked me if I hang quilts on my walls and of course I do.  She came back from lunch with to lovely made quilt hangers.  I have found just the place to hang them, now to decide which quilts to hang on them.  A project for another day.  Thanks Mendy for the quilt hangers. 


QuilterLaura said...

That is beautiful! Whose pattern is it? It looks like a Whinsicals pattern to me. LOVELY!!

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Gorgeous quilt!

Cori said...

Absolutely beautiful, Mary! I love the feel and colors of this one.