Sunday, July 4, 2010

Quilting Update

I found sometime to sew yesterday and today.  Which was a lot of fun, especially since I watched a good movie and the 4th of July celebration from Boston.  I had no goal to finish so many but after sewing 2 this afternoon and adding them to the album on the Yahoo group I realized I was four blocks shy of 50 blocks.  So I had a little marathon and sewed four more blocks to make my 50.  I still have a lot to go but I'm about a 1/3 done.

Here are my blocks for this week.   The blocks are Practical Orchard, #69, Rosebud, # 75, Shooting Star # 78, Postage Stamp # 68, Swallow # 93, and Friendship Block # 40.  I'm sure glad I'm off work tomorrow because it is way past my bed time. 

Happy Quilting!

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katie said...

Gosh, those are really pretty, love the colors. Your making progress.

Happy 4th