Monday, July 12, 2010

Quilting update and Man Cave Update

Today I'm doing a combine post.  The heat is wearing me down and I have no energy.  Arizona is usually a dry climate but around this time of year the summer monsoon weather starts to move in the and humidity goes up and the uncomfortably meter goes up.  I also have been doing a lot of genealogy.  I  have now meet a third cousin in England you has helped me find more people.  It is such fun!   I have sewn 6 blocks this week and had planned to do four more but I ended up sending all day Sunday working on my Genealogy and comparing information from my cousins.  I have a grand total of 56 blocks complete. 

Richard is making progress on his Man Cave, this pictures is from Monday the 5th.  He was replacing the glass in the large window.  This has been a great help because he now has been able to run the air conditioning unit so his cave is a little cooler than outside.  Of course without the heavy duty insulation in place, it isn't that great but better than nothing.  He has his first layer of insulation the Styrofoam up on 2.5 walls and half of the ceiling.  He is making progress slow but sure. 

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Micki said...

It looks like Richard is really progressing.
I used to live in Arizona, so I do know what the heat can be like.