Thursday, June 17, 2010

Man Cave Update

I took this picture on Sunday morning the 14th of June but I just now had time to post the update.  This big ugly work bench belonged to Richard's Dad.  It has been in our garage, now that it is out, I'm able to open my passenger's door as well as the driver's door when the car is in the garage.  When we take my car previous to this my husband would back the car out of the garage so I could get in the car.  He put the wheels on the legs to move it easier.  He is also using it to stand on to add the first layer of insulation to the walls and the celling.


lorene said...

wow mary, it looks like the man cave is really coming along! how nice to get in the car with the car still in the garage! LOL! I am hoping to do that too when we get our remodel done. we will see......


Micki said...

That must have been a relief when you got rid of that.