Monday, May 10, 2010

Stocking Update

Well first I'm going to show you the surprise I came home to on Wednesday after work. My hubby planned ahead and ordered these flowers for me for Mother's Day. I took a picture Thursday morning but there was too much mess on the counter. So I just took another picture, now on Monday evening they are holding up very well. They are lovely and I really appreciated his thoughtfulness!! Thanks Honey they are lovely. Even in this picture everything was cleared off the counter but one thing and of course it's in my picture, oh well the kitchen is a busy place.

Here is the progress on Will's Christmas stocking! Those letters take a lot of time. I have the capital letters on the bottom half of the stocking to do yet. I'm going to like the part I'm starting now, the green vines with flowers. As you can see I'm still undecided about the angles' wings. I still have two different colors. So far one friend sent me an email and she likes the white wings the best. Just as long as I decide before I take it in to be finished I'll be OK. Just my luck I'll forget and they will be different forever.


RETRO-fabulous said...

Gotta love a great husband! Quilters seem to snag the best ones, don't we?

Kathy said...

Leave them different... they don't have to match :)
I think its awesome your doing this stocking for him...i hope he appreciates how much work it is!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

You cross stitch looks very similar to the one I posted on my blog. The stocking will be awesome.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

NIce cross stitch, I like the white wings best, but I had to look closely. It will be very lovely once it is finished.