Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stocking Update

See the line of red stitches, that part of the pattern is actually on another page of the pattern. The pattern is on four pages, but the forth page has a lot of the third page pattern on it. Any way I figure I'm about a third of the way done with the stocking by eye balling the picture of the pattern. Maybe a little less. I started in February so 2 months worth of work. I had planed it would take me 6 months to complete. I'm feeling very committed to working on the stocking.

Today I was looking at pictures of Krystal's stocking that I made in 2006. I started her stocking in February and finished in October. I can't remember what else I was doing that year, other than a new job and a new floor because of a flood in the house. I'm really hoping this one will be done before October.

There is more stitching rolled under the cover on the frame that you can't see here.

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