Monday, March 22, 2010

Quilting Update

After another busy week of work, coming home tired almost everyday, stress is a bummer. I did manage to find time to sew two blocks, these blocks are 6" finished.
I'm still spending a lot of time at the computer organizing files, I scanned in 50 plus pictures and documents on the last Sunday of February and I'm still labeling them all. I would recommend scan a few then label. I'm also spending time doing web searches and indexing on Family Search. Plus a viewing, a funeral, out of town cousins, dinner with them, breakfast with them, which was just great. Man I'm making myself tired again.

I was able to find some time to do some stitching on the big Christmas project, Will's stocking, I do that while watching my new favorite shows, The Generations Project on BYU and Who Do You Think You Are?, it's on one of the big 3, I think it's NBC. I tried to take a picture of this last night but the battery was dead in the camera. I was a little surprised it was dead, I hadn't used it that much and it is a new camera with a new battery. I'll have to watch it.

Well it's time to go to work. Have a good day!

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