Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quilt Show

My description of the quilt and the card that hung by my quilt.

I went Thursday night after work to see my quilts hanging in a show. I first went down a row of vendors and after I turned the corner I could see about 4 rows back my BOO it's Halloween Quilt. After I walked down that row and turned that corner I saw my other quilt, also on the end. It was fun to see them. I was so tired Thursday night I could hardly stand but I was determined to see them. Today I went back with several friends to see the show. Since I was better rested I could enjoy the show more. It was very crowded today but Thursday night was nice not a lot of people around.

After Richard & I went to a movie this afternoon I went back to pick up my quilts. I had to deliver my quilts in a plastic bag and I picked them up in the same bags. Inside the bag were my evaluations of my quilts by the judges, a thank you note and a label to sew on to my quilts. I have scanned them all for you to see.

This is the evaluation for the BOO it's Halloween. The judges missed that this was a group quilt, a block swap, so ignore the comments about the piecing and applique, since I didn't do that part. I couldn't believe there was one loose thread the the judges found that. I don't think it need additional quilting. The style seems to be to quilt it heavy, I don't like heavy quilting.

My quilt description on the card that hung by my quilt. Do you know how hard it is to describe a quilt in 50 words????

Here I am by my Dear Jane Christmas quilt. On this evaluation they also missed it was a group quilt. I do agree this quilt needs a little more quilting maybe in the ditch around the blocks or on some of the blocks. They also liked my alternating sashing and the shape of the quilt. So my two favorite things about this quilt were also liked by the judges.

Quilt Show Thank You note.

Quilt Show label printed on fabric.
It was a good experience and I might do it again if I ever find time to quilt again. The quilt show was very well organized.


Kathy said...

Well done Mary! It was great to see you today!

Carma Lee said...

Good job. I'm working on my game quilts again finally. Hopefully I get them finished within a month. I'll show you when I do.

Bonnie said...

Mary - your quilts turned out beautiful. It must have been fun to go to the show and see them hanging up.

Quilter In Paradise said...

I liked your quilts -- good job! I haven't the courage yet to submit my quilts to a show... I need to pull up my big boy pants and give it a try... someday! then I can join the ranks of you who have done this.
Beth in Dallas