Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Bye Aunt Polly

On Feb 14 Richard's Aunt Polly left this world and went on to the next stage of her eternal life. As her obit by her daughter Betty said she is now waltzing with her husband Paul and with her two sons again. She had a service in Sandy Utah on Saturday the 20th. On Saturday the 27th there was a funeral & burial in San Diego CA, where she lived for all of her adult life except for the last 7 years. Richard & I travel to San Diego on Friday to be there for the family. It was a very nice funeral. There were two tables full of pictures from her life, they were wonderful to see. Everyone of them had a wonderful smile, which she was glad to share. It had been raining a lot in San Diego and I guess the family plan was the sun had to be shining for the burial. Guess what the sun came out long enough for the burial. As a testimony of the kind of person she was the chapel was full on a wet and cold San Diego day and she hadn't lived there for 7 years.

When Richard & I married we went on our honeymoon to CA, we went to Hollywood and San Diego and many other place. We visited his aunt and that was the first time I meet her. She was warm and friendly and I liked her right off the bat. We always loved to see her when she came to AZ which was almost every year.
Aunt Polly you will be missed.

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SewCalGal said...

I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your Aunt Polly. She sounds like a charming lady, loved by all.

I do hope when you make it to San Diego next time, it will be under more cheerful circumstances, and we'll have a chance to connect.