Friday, January 8, 2010

Week One Personal Goal

Well I had a good first week. I lost 2.8 lbs which is nice and part of my goal but the other part is I only went over my calories 3 days during the week. I went over by less than 200 calories. I even had two days when I didn't have chocolate at work. That is a big weakness of mine. I wrote my food journal every day. I'm using Spark People for my calorie counter and my exercise journal. I'm not doing my old routine of 5 days at the gym. In Nov of 08 I suffered a server plantar fasciitis attach and have had foot pain for over a year. It has been acting up again. But in spite of the pain I have been more active at work. I'm using the stairs both up and down. Usually I just do down. The other day I took a break and went up and down half a flight of stairs 4 times. I'm also doing some core strengthening exercises. Today I did two flights up at once and one flight up and down three different times. I need to work up to that previous exercise routine. I also turned my nose up at lots of candy at work, french fries and other junk food. I have increased my veggies and keep my fruit in take the same.

There was one afternoon that I was really ready to just munch on some candy. I wrote in my note book my word for the year HEALTHY. The desire to eat candy went away. I really only wanted to eat it because I was bored. It was a boring meeting.
I have used my word a few times this week. I think it helped.

So today I paid myself $6 for my weight lost and $5 my weekly fee. I'm putting my money in a pretty little tin for it to build up. I undecided if I want buy a new camera or a Wii fit with my winnings.

I know not every week will be good, but a lot of good weeks run together will lead to good results of better health.

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SewCalGal said...

You have done a fantastic job. I'm very proud of you. What a wonderful gift you have given yourself. Inspirational. Yippee!