Friday, January 1, 2010

Quilting Goals 2010

Happy New Year to all my Blogging Friends
I sure hope everyone will have a good year and will be blessed with Health & Friendship and the Important Things in Life.

I have of course have been reflecting on the last year and the year to come. First for my quilting goals for the New Year. My list is longer than I thought it would be but as I went through by PIGs (Projects in Grocery bags) and WIP (Works in Progress) I kept finding more fun things I want to do. I had to rein myself in or there would be no room for surprises. I'm really want to resist all surprises this year. Some surprises are OK like quilting a quilt for a friend. Plus one of my friends wants to pay me to make a quilt, so I have to leave some room.
In addition to these quilts to start or finish I have some other quilting goals like learn to follow a pantograph on my frame. Increase my library of designs that I can quilt. And practice more, even if it is just yardage of fabric. Maybe between quilts I should just have yardage up and quilt a little every day, even if it is one pass. Now that I thought of that, that is a very good idea!!
The other parts of my goals are to use up my stash and not to buy fabric unless it is for a project, none just because it is pretty or I like it. I have too much as it is, so why add to it. Plus I want to use up the stuff I have. The not buying is going to be hard but the reality is I have lots of wonderful stuff already and I want to use and make, more than a life time probably.

My list of quilts is on my said bar but here are the pictures.


katie said...

Nice post this morning Mary, I think we all find ourselves re evaluation our lives at the beginning of a new year and that is good.
I loved the Blue Moon quilt and would love to know the designer so I can see if I can find the pattern.

I resolution for this year is less of me and more of HIM


Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by, for sharing your thoughts and for leaving a comment. I love how you worded your resolution for the year.
The pattern for Blue Moon is in the book Journeys by Whimsical, the book title of the quilt is Rustic Moon. I purchased it as a kit at a quilt show and they had blue fabric for the moon thus the name change. It was a very fun hand appliqué project. The shop that had the kit did the scrappy borders which I really loved. I just looked through the book it has a lot of other cute projects in it, so I’m not ready to give it up yet or I would offer to sell or trade it to you.
Now that I checked out your blog I can see why you like it so much, it’s right up your alley.