Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday Quilting Upate

Look what I finished!!! I'm so happy with how it turned out!! I'm also happy it is done. These blocks were from a swap in 2001, I designed it in EQ5 in 2002 and purchased the fabric. It has been a PIG for a long time but no longer. PIG is Project in a Grocery Bag. Right now it is hanging in my living room between two other Christmas quilts and it looks a little dumb, wall to wall quilts but it will work for this year, next year I'll find a better place for it to hang.

I did free motion feathers in the alternating blocks, they aren't perfect but the over all effect is pleasing.

There are graduating loops in the side triangles and loops in the green border.
The out side border has loop de loop meandering with red, green and cream variegated thread.

One more quilt done from my list of quilts to finish this year!! I have one more I have to finish this year, I hope this week. Then I have to make a class sample for a class I'm teaching in Jan. Yeah I know I'm a little late with that. Oh well.

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SewCalGal said...

Beautiful quilt. I love the design, fabrics, & colors. I especially love the corners and the floating bar not being 100% square (use of the clipped corners). Delightful.

And I like your term PIG. Very cute. Just be careful catching the virus S1Q1 (See one, quilt one).