Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Recipe Hot Buttered Wassail

I posted about this last December, click here for the recipe.

Today I'm just doing pictures. In the pot starting to get hot. I only use 4 quarts of water when I cook it because this is my biggest pot and it is full.

Just before it went in my tummy, it was yummy.

Here it is ready to gift give. Maybe add a bow on top. For small families I add the water to make it ready to server. For large families I leave it double strength and tell them to dilute it 1 : 1 before warming. I also write a note on the top so my crew here knows to dilute it first. Two of those jars are diluted and the others aren't. So you can see how much it makes.
Be sure to stir every time you dish it out so the cloves don't settle on the bottom.

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Cori said...

YUM! Thanks! I think we'll try some this week. Have a wonderful holiday.