Thursday, December 31, 2009

Do you every change your mind?

Well that is the question of the day. I have been dreading making this class sample for a Beginner's Paper Piecing class. The shop wanted me to use certain patterns and I'm not against that but I just couldn't come up with a plan. Well I finally came up with a plan and I really like it but it has problems. Here is my plan I really like.

Now to list the problems with this little quilt. The light house is not from the pattern set, I drew it in EQ6 from the book Paper Pieced Little Landscapes by Shirley Liby. Of Course we all know how students are they have to make just what the teacher makes, the same colors, same design and all. Well I can't copy the pattern as it is copy righted. I could change it but it is a little complicated for students that have never paper pieced before. Then I looked at those boats with the water around them, which in reality wouldn't have water around the sails. I'm sure in the world of quilt art it would be OK. Then I decided both boat in the background that are far away needed to be 3 inches instead of 4.5 inches. I had already made a 4.5 sail boat with sky around the sails. Do you see how complicated this is getting?

So here is what the class sample will really look like. Than I think self, isn't it always better to keep it simple!! Of course I have to go to work now and who knows what I'll come up with by the time I get home. This is also enough blocks that some students can make it in a three hour class and maybe even maybe join them together, so they could have an almost finished product, which makes students happy! The best part is it saves me time and I can get it done and down to the shop by Saturday. Since my class is on January 30th. I need that sample down there.


SewCalGal said...

The initial design is beautiful and I'd love to see it made (even help make it). But I do see your concerns and also agree it is challenging for a "beginnner" paper piecing class".

Your 2nd layout is quite cute and has a better chance of the students finishing in class.

I'm sure what ever you come up with will be delightful.


Mary said...

Thanks SewCalGal,
I'm thinking about making the originial design for me. Someday if I ever get these kids moved out, I'm going to have a Florida room, with all my beach quilts in it.