Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anniversary Give Away

Here is an updated picture of the Give Away Quilt, as you can see I have made some progress on the quilt. I have also re-posted the rules here for new views to find more easily. There are only four more days to win.

So here are the rules:
Look at the list of give away activities below and decide how many activities you want to do. Then add up the points after you've done them, and then email me the information below to enter this give away. Your name is entered for leaving a comment and for each five points you earn I'll place your name in the drawing for the little quilt. That gives you up to four chances to win.

Copy & Paste this information in your email to enter this giveaway.
Then send your email to me at mebowden at cox dot net.

My Name is:
My Email is:
My Blog Address is:
I completed the following requirements:
I have _______ points.

Point Actives:
1 point for leaving a comment on this post. So even if you don't have a blog you can do this, but you will need a Google account to leave a comment.
5 points if you want to add me to the blog list on your sidebar or if I am on your blog list.
5 point for creating a post on your blog and linking to my giveaway.
5 points for being or becoming a follower on my blog or if you are one.

The giveaway will END on Saturday, December 5th at Midnight.
I will then pick a WINNER on Sunday December 6th in the early afternoon.


Mama2KBR said...

Oh what pretty colors! It's too pretty to be given away! :o)

arlette said...

Are you giving away this quilt?, I'd like this one for me, he he he :D