Monday, November 2, 2009

Quilting Update

I have declared it done!! My DJ Boo Swap Halloween quilt is done!!! I finished the binding while driving back and forth to Las Vegas and today I finished the quilting and the hanging sleeve. I even have it hanging on my quilt hanger in the living room. I decided it needed to be in the place of honor in my home for a few days even if Halloween is over.

Here are some close up of the Spider Web quilting I did in four areas. I used Iridescent Sulky thread to do these webs. I like how it looks different on each color. I just hate it when you pick all the threads off of your quilt then you see the picture magnified on your computer screen and low an behold there is a thread.

I still have some basting to pull out but I was tired of pulling out threads. I think I did a little too much basting but since it was the first time I had basted a quilt I thought more was better. I'm kicking myself now.

I really had to resist quilting every inch of it. I didn't put the fourth spider web in because the picture wasn't very good, but I'm sure you have the idea.


Kathy said...

very cool , Mary! I'd love to see it in person! Hard to take pictures of quilting.

Mary said...

Maybe the next time you guys get together I'll be able to join you all.

Bonnie said...

I'd like to see it in person also. It really catches your eye. Nice to see it finished - after seeing parts of it along the way.

Mary said...

Thanks Bonnie!
I was thinking the other day it seemed to take forever to make this quilt, it wasn’t quite that long. I'm glad it is done also, I'm moving on to another project.

ConnieB/CA said...

Fabulous! I love spider web quilting too. And your setting! Wow!

Mary said...

Thanks Bonnie B for the compliment!!

Quilter In Paradise said...

cool quilt! gives me ideas on what to do with all the Halloween fabric I have collected!
thanks for sharing
Beth in Dallas