Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Making Progress

Just in case you didn't notice it is one month until Christmas!

Now I just wanted to share with you my quilting plan my Christmas Dear Jane. I have been planning on the feathers in the alternate blocks for a long time. I have been drawing them on paper and my white board for a month or so. I'm not a very good at drawing, but they have gotten better. I'm sure my co-workers think I'm crazy with my doodles. I start small and them increase them in size when I use paper. I do bigger on the white board. Today I started quilting on the quilt, the top border is done and I took a picture of it so I remember what I did on the top by the time I get to the bottom I usually forget. Several quilts ago I thought take a picture so you remember. Today I finally remembered to take the picture. I'm going to be turning this quilt to do the side borders. The outside borders is just a free motion loop-de-loop meandering. The green borders are small e's all in a row. Nothing in the red border and I'm just doing the side triangles and the alternate blocks the pieced blocks I'm leaving alone. Or that is the plan today. It's always subject to change. I just kind of create as I go.
That is my clear piece of Plexiglas that I practice with on the quilt while it is on the frame. I use Vis-aVis by Expo wet erase to draw with.

Today will be a busy day, lunch with Kierra & Will, since they both are working tomorrow on Thanksgiving so we are meeting to celebrate today with them. Pies and cranberry sauce to make and a bird to stuff. Our church ward (small local unit)does a turkey pit every year so the bird has to be ready to put in by 8 or so. It cooks all night long until 12 noon tomorrow. It's a fun activity and good tasting bird.
Somewhere in there I have to do some cleaning.

Well back to quilting for a little longer! I'm sure you will see more pictures later.

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