Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kierra's & Will's Wedding

We have arrived home safe & sound! The wedding has occurred, the happy couple are now married. I have posted pictures on my webshots album. I'll post some here tomorrow but this will do for tonight. Kierra's & Will's Wedding.

I'm going to try a slide show here. It works, but you can't see my comments or captions for the pictures. Oh Well, if you want to see the captions, use the link above.

Kierra’s Wedding

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Bonnie said...

Hi Mary - I watched Kierra & Will's wedding from the comfort of my kitchen the other nite. (I actually watched several weddings throughout the day) Your wedding was the only one I saw where the father of the bride stood and gave the bride away. I thought that was touching. It was harder to see you folks in the background, because of the fog. But I did think I recognized you - with the long locks of hair!