Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a year ago Thanksgiving that I started my blog. It has been a fun year in blogville, I have meet new people and made some new friends. I have also connect with established friends, does that sound better than old friends? Seen some wonderful blogs with beautiful quilts and great stories about live, love and living to the best of our abilities. As well as living with the things live gives us.
When I think of the things I'm grateful for the list hasn't changed.
Here it is:
There is much to be thankful for we are truly blessed. We are all healthy, all working, and all happy. We have good jobs that we like. We have a lovely home in a good neighborhood. We have good friends and good relationships within our family. We have hobbies we enjoy to enrich others. Most important we have a sure knowledge of the Lord’s Plan of Salvation, of His divinity. The sweet whispering of the Holy Spirit tells us this daily. My heart is full of gratitude. Plus this year I can add a daughter has been married and is happy. My son & his wife came to live with us which has been hard but good because I have gotten to know my daughter in law better.

So to all of you I wish a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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