Monday, October 12, 2009

Quilting Update

Here are some of my blocks from part 8 of the Washington Medallion quilt I'm working on. There are really 12 pinwheels, so this is only a part of the whole group.

Well this DJ Boo Swap Quilt has many first in it. The first free form quilt, no traditional settings. The first one I basted on my frame and I also did some quilting on it while it was on the frame. The first one I floated both the batting and the top, it worked well. For you non quilters it basically means I let the top and backing hang except for the top edges. I do need to do some squaring up but I'll wait until it is completely quilted. My sides aren't straight and neither is the bottom, but I'll worry about that later. That is part of the reason why I added extra fabric on the sides. Hey it's my first quilt with out measurements, just guess work. I don't do perfect!

This is a close up of the diagonal strip, I quilted very tight in the purple triangles and it really makes those 4.5" blocks pop! Too bad you can't see it well in this picture. I wish I knew how to take better close up of my quilts.

These are the center blocks, I just quilted the green in them while it was on the frame and basted the rest of that area. These show up good but the other blocks I took close ups didn't turn out at all.

This morning when we had the back door open to enjoy the early morning cool air this is what we saw. The goat belongs to Klint & Krystal who came back home to live with us. They brought some extra pets. The cat is mine. The were together for a few minutes until the goat hit her head on the security door.


Kathy said...

You don't do perfect? Are you kidding me? All your piecing is perfect! And thats just for a start...your a funny girl!
Love the Boo quilt...wish I had some motivation to work on my Halloween blocks...

Mary said...

Thanks for the chuckle you made me LOL!! No I’m serious, I don’t do perfect!! Close but not perfect!