Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Day Trip

I came home from work on Friday totally stressed. I suggested we take a day trip for a change of scenery to refresh me. So we got in the car and drove. We drove from Mesa over to Wickenburg on to Jerome a mining ghost town, which was packed. On to Pine, Payson and back into the Valley of the Sun.
I took pictures while we went about, some times Richard would even stop and let me out to take pictures, most where done from a speeding car. Of the 40 plus pictures I took here are my 11 favorites.
As we were going to past Lake Pleasant I said it looks dusty, my DH laughed his head off and said, "Of course it is dusty, we live in a desert". What I was trying to say is I missed the clean crisp colors of Florida the lush green and other colors. At least the sky was clear blue.
While he drove we listened to music and sang and talked, we told each other some more stories of our lives. We both live very much in the present so we don't really talk about our lives before we were a couple. I had lived a lot of life before I meet him when I was 43. I also knitted two baby hats on a circle loom for humanitarian services, I like to do that when we drive, I don't get so restless and I feel I have accomplished something.

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Carma Lee said...

How fun! I love day trips. John and I drove up to the ward campout Saturday morning and ate breakfast with the campers. It was fun and the ride was interesting. We're headed to a wedding in Utah soon and I hope to see some Fall colors on the mountains.