Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quilting Update

I'm just so excited I have to do an extra post. I have had a very productive day quilt wise. Plus I worked a full eight hour day! This morning before I went to work I drew a few more blocks for my Caribbean Sea quilt and started working on the quilt setting in EQ6. I like it so far, but I might have to add another border. I finished four drawing four more blocks this evening and getting the setting set up right. I wanted to get this done, so next week while I'm going up to quilt camp and I stop in a couple of quilt shops I can find my material for the quilt setting. I really do try to plan ahead.

After dinner and drawing the last of the blocks I tackled the DJ Halloween Swap. I wanted to do the six blocks on the diagonal and I did. I first did a test sew with some muslin to make sure I had my dimensions right. I did and I'm very pleased with how they turned out!! Plus I sewed the background fabric around the blocks in the upper right corner. I decided to remove the one black strip next to the zipper strip and the corner blocks. I like how it sets the blocks off.

This sure has been a fun quilting day!! I hope you had one also. Back to work in the morning and that will be it until the 15th! Vacation here I come!!

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