Friday, September 25, 2009

A Gentle Reminder

Don't be horrified and don't be surprised but today is September 25th and that means there is only 3 months until Christmas. A lot of people say how did Christmas get here so fast. Well it gets here one day at a time. So I thought I give you a little gentle reminder that it is closer than you think. It's a little too soon for the Christmas count down widget, plus I don't want to take away from the big event our family is having on Halloween.

I have done some more work on my DJ Boo Swap, I'm not happy with the bottom left corner, so I'll be doing some frog stitches and more fabric preview. I'm thinking big triangles of the blue and orange and let it go at that. I'm also wondering about borders. The original design I was modeling after doesn't have borders. I don't think it really needs them but I have some great orange & black fabric to use up.

I'm a little bummer today I have one of my cats in the vets. She must have had a fight with a visiting cat, and she had an abscess that drained. Now she is getting a drain put in, and antibiotics. She was a good kitty in the vets office. The visiting cats are baned from the house and locked in the kids room. Richard will pick her up from work, as I'm working evenings today.

Well now I have to go to work.


lorene said...

Hi mary! I love your halloween quilt! it's looking fantastic!!! you will have to show me how to put countdowns on my blog! and you are right, Charistmas is coming waaaayyyyy toooooo fast!!! yikes!!!


Mary said...

H- Lorene,
I'll be glad to show you how to add a coutdown widget.
Thanks for the compliement on my Halloween Quilt.