Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Quilting Upate

I DID IT!! I finished the binding on the One Block Wonders for the French doors!!! I just got this wild idea I wanted them done and I wanted to do some hand sewing. So they are done! I'm happy.

My other project that has been hanging over my head is a quilt I'm quilting for a friend. It is a T-shirt quilt. She picked out minkie for the back and I was a little concerned about working with the minkie on the frame. I have quilted two passes on it so far. While I was quilting it, I realized, if I get it done in the next two weeks I can have some extra cash for the quilt get-a-way and the mini shop hop we always make on the trip up to Prescott.

I did make a little progress on my DJ Halloween quilt, I added some logs to a block and work on a lighting bolt strip. I had to rip the long seam out on the bolt and I think something is wrong with it, but I need to study it some more before I decide if I'm backwards. That might not be by next Sunday, I have a strong feeling I want to finish quilting a T-shirt quilt.

Well I need to go to bed. I'm trying to get to bed a littler earlier since I have started going back to the gym.
Take Care!

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