Monday, July 20, 2009

New Books

While checking out the local quilt shops here in CO. I found some interesting books. Now I need another quilt book like a hole in the head, but I can't resist them. I'm really excited about the new techniques each these books demonstrate. The Shifting Perspectives really peaked my curiosity I almost have a block design in mind to do with this technique.

The Beyond the Block has a design in it I want to use for my Boo DJ Swap blocks. That one has really taken over in my mind and I have all the fabric for that one, so I just might have to move that up my list of things to do soon. This will be a more interesting quilt then the off center blocks I was thinking of doing. Plus it will allow me to use a larger variety of fabric and I have a lot fabric set aside for this project.

The Miniatures in Minutes looks interesting also but doesn't grab me like the Beyond the Block. So I will have to wait and see which one wins out but for now my bet is on the Beyond the Block book.

Mary Mary

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