Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Quilting Upate

After I finished the One Block Wonder for the window in the bedroom, I wasn't sure what project I wanted to work on. The decision was made for me by the late hours maintained by the young adults that have returned to live at home. Krystal works many nights until 10 PM. Of course when you get off of work that late you don't want to go right to sleep. I do remember that from the many years I worked 3 - 11:30 at the hospital. The kitchen light shines right into our bedroom. I'm one of those who likes it dark when I sleep. We do have mini blinds between the glass of our new French doors to our bedroom but light still comes through. So I'm working on the quilts to cover the windows in the doors.

After I had one of the rows joined I measured it against the window, it wasn't long enough, so I added one half a hexagon to each strip. I was going to place some at the top or the bottom depending on the pattern to keep the original balance I had wanted. Then I realized that won't work because it would throw my matching halves off. So I added them all to the top. I was in no mood to rearrange all those rows that were sewn together. Heck who would know but me anyway. And now all of you. I also added the triangle to made a floating border. I'm not sure about side borders yet. This is a design in progress. Isn't that what design walls are for.

I haven't sewn as fast I could because I have been watching a HBO mini-series about John Adams. I have it set to show all the stubborn facts. During the movies they show a historical fact on the bottom of the screen. So I look for those to read, they have been very informative. A lot of sacrifice has gone into making this country free. What a wonderful thing freedom is. I would recommend watching the series.

Gray Blue

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Janice Hartman said...

I really like the way your window quilt turned out. It looks nice. I didn't realize you had the green border with points. That must be a hexagon with the green. I need to put something up (I guess in my bedroom)perhaps some plastic tableclothes that have fleece (can't think right now what they're lined with) with my one block wonder. I can move the little couch out some to get to it. Perhaps I should work on that next. But your window looks nice.