Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Quilting Upate

It seems like it has been a long time since I posted but it really was only last Sunday. I have been busy working and I have been coming home tired. I think I have been resisting a cold, so far no major symptoms just mild stuff. I think the Zicam has helped. I need to take more tonight since I'm flying in the morning to Loveland CO. They needed a CL, my job title is Clinical Liaison to go to McKee Medical Center to help the doctors after their classes to use the electronic software. Since I'm at a totally electronic hospital it was my turn to go. I also volunteered, since the girl they requested couldn't go. So since I needed a hand project to take with me, I made these two little 4th of July quilts to take with me and do the bindings. The square one is a remake of one I made in 1997. I had it in 2006 on my cubical wall at work and now I can't find it. I still haven't found it, and since it one of a 12 month series, I decided to replace it.

The long one is one from Patch Abilities like her patterns and I have just the prefect place for them on my cubical. I did her monthly minis last year and I finished six but I have 6 to do for this year. I did this one instead of the sand castles she had. I'm going to do that one for Aug.

My other big accomplishment this week was I finished the binding on the baby quilt I quilt for a friend. I forgot to take a picture of it with the binding on, but you saw it last week when it came off the frame. She picked it up on Tuesday, she was so excited on how it came out that she had me present it to her son and daughter in law who were in her car. The were so tickled and really like it. Any way the Mom to be said the quilt is done he can come now. My friend told the kids it was a team quilt. It was really cute and fun. Sure enough the baby came on Thursday. I also loaded my One block wonder on to my frame. Yes!! I didn't start any quilting, just not in the mood. I'm just happy to have it on the frame. I had planned a meandering with leaves but I may think about doing something else. I'm not sure, so I'm going to wait for inspiration.

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Cori said...

Hi Mary! I did the same long, star and stripe wall-hanging. I love those patterns as they were easy and quick.

Have a great week!