Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vacation Day 3 Going to Key West & Sunset in Key West

On Thursday Linda loaned us her car and we drove to Key West. Our first stop was John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. We took a class bottom boat to Molasses's Reef. I didn't take any pictures of the fish from the boat because I could not figured out how to turn off my flash on my camera. I haven't up loaded any of the pictures I took from the boat on our trip out to the reef. If you want to see more pictures of my trip with out the story go to my webshots album. Use this link here or the link on my sidebar.
Here is the view that we watched while eating our lunch.

Here we are enjoying our desert after lunch which was a pineapple and coconut ice cream cone, very good!

This is a sea grape tree, this tree grows a lot in So. Florida, and usually close to the water. The leaves have a waxy film on them. Early settlers use to use them to leave a message at some one's home, if they stopped by to visit and found no one at home. Just a little trivia I learned when I took the Key Biscayne lighthouse tour before I moved from Florida.

This is the entrance sign to the park with e trying not to squint in the sun.

Below are many of the pictures I took while watching the sun setting in Key West, we had dinner while watching. A very relaxing way to spend an evening. We also watched many of the street entertainers in Mallory Square. After this we took a moon lite walk on the one of the beaches, it was one night away from a full moon, my husband took some pictures on his phone but I don't have his pictures let. Very romantic end to the day.

Richard took this with his blackberry, holding it in his hand, this is while we were waiting for the sun to set.

I was able to take a moonlight walk on the beach. Richard took this picture with his cell phone.

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