Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vacation Day 2 Sites in Miami & Air Boat ride

On day 2 we toured around Miami, down to the Marina, across to Key Biscayne, took lots of pictures of Banyan trees. I have always been fascinated by them and my husband was very impressed with them.

Here is my husband trying to swing from the roots, not really.

One of my other favorite trees are started to bloom and they will be in full color by June, that is a Poinciana.
The highlight of the day was a air boat ride out in the Everglades. Because of a draught we were not able to ride across the saw grass. The water level was down 3 to 4 feet. Up in Broward County there are fires in the Glades. They are waiting for the summer rains to begin.
We did go down one of the canals and we saw lots of alligators and birds. Our guide gave us a lot of information about life in the Everglades. It was very interesting. Here is a little slide show of our adventures in Coopertown, FL. I'm holding a baby alligators in one and Richard is being a he-man with the same gator.

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