Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vacation Day 1 The Phoenix has landed in Miami

We were up at 0 dark hundred to take off from Sky Harbor airport by 7:30 AM. Here I am just be fore we boarded the plane. I'm so happy to be going on vacation! We had a good flight and flew into MIA and landed about 2:30 PM. My friend Linda came and picked us and had a little tour all planned for us to see one of my old apartments and some other site I use to hang out at with her. Miami has really changed a lot since I have been gone. I moved to AZ in 1984. My last trip to Miami was in May of 1999, things have even changed since then.
Here is a picture of Linda and I out for dinner to celebrate her birthday.

In the second picture we have Richard, me, Linda, Carole & Dale. Carole & Linda went to nursing school together. I meet Linda when I worked with here at Miami Children's Hospital.

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