Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rosie - My Spoiled Cat

Here are a couple of pictures of my spoiled cat Rosie. She is usually in the same room I'm in. She especially love it when I sit in my recliner, a raw occurrence since I seldom sit and just watch TV. I'm usually at my sewing machine or computer. She also loves it when I sit in my rocking chair in my sewing room. When I sit in either of these chairs she will be on my lap. Since I have been doing this cross stitch project she has been on my lap every night. One night she was laying on my legs, and had her chin propped up on my magnetic broad that holds my pattern. It was so cute with her cute little face just laying on that board and looking at me. I thought, where is my camera when I need it. So for the next two nights when I sat in my chairs I took the camera with me, and here at the results.
Look at how happy she is getting her belly scratched.

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