Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mystery Quilt is Completed!

Completions of this project desires it's own post! This was a mystery quilt, my first ever, and my first ever on line machine quilting class. I'm very glad it is done! I will do this again. Was I ready to quilt feathers not on your life. Was it hard you bet! Did I learn you bet. Right now I'm just glad it is over and I can do a quilt for a friend. I'm ready for some free motion meandering.

Before this class I would have liked to done some quilting with a little more precision than the free motion I had been doing. I really felt like I didn't have enough control to draw feathers in a set size. I couldn't get my machine back to the spine of my feather. I did improve but believe me there is a lot of room for improvement. That is OK. I still can draw good feathers on a white broad, they all look like fat thumbs. I can get one side really good but the one in the opposite direction is hard.

I'm grateful that you can not see the quilting real well. I'm happy with the look of the free motion around the stars. This quilt was a comedy of something. I wanted to finish this yesterday, I didn't make. I went to wind another bobbin and ran out of thread, Mad dash to the store to buy more. Last night when putting on the binding I ran out, small mistake in the directions. I was going to wait and made a mad dash to the quilt store after work this week but when I told my husband he said you must have something you can use in a room full of fabric. Well he was right and I found another black for the binding. Up close I can tell but you can otherwise. Thanks honey for saying the right thing.

While sewing on the binding I noticed a spot I didn't quilt in the little border, so what was the easiest way to fix that? Well a picture is worth a thousand words.
Don't laugh for the 3 inch square I had to do it worked.

So now it is done. I'll keep it for awhile. If it matches my daughter's red in her house she can have it. If not off to charity it goes.

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Bonnie said...

Congrats! My Longarm University mystery quilt is still on my frame, waiting for me to start quilting it.

I wanted to add some lights to the area underneath my panto shelf - did that this week. Now I have no more excuses. I need to just jump in and start, not having high expectations for the outcome. It is a learning quilt, right?