Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Quilting Upate

By the time I finished sewing last Sunday night I was too tired to do an update. So this one has two weeks worth of sewing news. I have been busy with my on line class from Quilt University .com, Math for Quilter. I have learned a lot and have lots of reading, drawing & math home work do to. I have gotten behind with the cataract surgery, plus I took part of my lesson to work to punch holes in the electric hole punch on Friday & forgot to bring it home.

Yesterday I taught part 1 of the One Block Wonder class, one student didn't show. The two I had left loved the class, who won't with such personal help. Part 2 is in 4weeks. I wanted them to have enough time to finish sewing all those hexagon halves. They are a couple of nice ladies.

I sewed one another blocks with my Square N a Square ruler. I had to enlarge this one to match the sizes of my other blocks. I used a trick I learned in my Math for Quilters class. That's this lone block here.

The other fun thing I have been doing is this extra project I'm doing. I'm calling it Caribbean Sea. Some of my local quilt friends have been doing this block of the month using earth tones, they are calling it Mother Earth. I like their blocks so much I decided to join in, but I don't like earth tones, so I'm doing blues, greens, cool colors, that's why the name Caribbean Sea. I have all my cool tone Batiks on my cutting table, trying to find stuff with enough contrast can be a challenge with Batiks. I'm liking my results. In the slide show you will notice I draft the blocks in EQ6. I almost like my EQ6 colors better than my real colors, but you have to make do with what you have. No this was not one of my goal quilts, but I really felt like doing some piecing, so I did.


Janice Hartman said...

Mary I like the way you show the EQ blocks and then the fabric you used to represent the blocks. Good job.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

How fun. I'm glad I'm not the only one that sews on Sunday. I think it is a heavenly hobby.

Bonnie said...

Ha! Nanette's comment made me smile. Growing up, I was taught that if you sewed on Sunday, you would have a hook on the end of your nose in the next life to pick out all those Sunday stitches. I have no idea where my mother learned that. Years ago, I was talking to our R.S. President. She had been taught the same thing. I thought it was an "Idaho" thing, because we were raised in the same town.

Fast forward to a week ago. I'm taking a block of the month class at Mormon Handicraft & last week the teacher jokingly mentioned being taught that same thing when she was growing up. I love that Nanette calls sewing a 'heavenly hobby'. It's so calming for me to come home after a wild day of singing with Primary children & shut myself up in my sewing room to relax & sew!

Mary said...

Nanette's comment of “Heavenly Hobby” made me chuckle also. Bonnie it looks like that was a more general teaching than expected. My friend Jan was also taught if you sewed on Sunday you would rip those stitches out in the next life. Maybe because in the old days sewing was a necessity, now it is a hobby. I do enjoy sewing, any day of the week, but especially on Sunday, helps me to relax before the new week of work. I was raised Catholic so I didn't grow up hearing that. I have heard that Sunday day is a good day to develop your talents, so I’m developing a lot of talent and I have lots of good company. Let's develop that Heavenly Hobby!!