Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday Quilting Upate, Part 2

After I was in bed last night I realized I had forgotten to report on my other quilting actives of the week. I did spend some time quilting on my Mystery Quilt that I started over New Years. Big mistake to not work on it for so long. I'm not sure what has gotten into my machine, but she would suddenly feel like she was running away from me. I still can't make great feathers, actually I think my feathers are ugly and I'm very glad they don't show any more than they do. It is a learning experience, so why do I expect a great looking results. I have also learned some more about my machine and working with it, so that is a good thing. I finished the bottom half of the top row of blocks and more of each side border. Of course since I had not watched my video since the New Years I did some of my side feathers in the wrong direction, but that's OK at least mine will be original.
I took a break from the Mystery quilt because I wanted to focus on the One Block Wonder. I'm teaching it as a class in Feb and I wanted to have it fresh in my mind. Plus the three parts are going to be curtains for my new bedroom window and french doors, so I want to get them done.
Saturday morning and part of the afternoon I went to the Phoenix Quilt, Sew & Craft Festival with one of my friends. We walked for hours and saw every quilting related booth. I quilted on every mid arm quilting set up there was. I hope to upgrade some day from my short arm. I even attended on lecture by Jody Barrows of Square in a Square. It sure is an interesting technique and she does amazing things with her ruler technique. She is also writing novels about her family history with quilt to go with the stories. The quilts are based on what her grandmothers & great grandmothers did make. She uses fictional people to tell the family stories. It was very interesting. I like to learn and see new things and the keeping of family histories is a great thing. I had purchased the ruler a couple of years ago but ran into issue so never really used it a lot. So I had her show me how to do it again and one of these days I might give it a try.
Well now it is time to get ready to go work.

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