Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow on our Mountains

Tuesday night while driving to have dinner with Kierra & Will for dinner. I noticed there was snow on the mountains to the East of us. I did whip out my camera and took two pictures but they were very poor quality. So on Wednesday I took my camera to work and took pictures out of the 5th story window. It is a real treat for me to see the snow on the mountains. There wasn't a lot but I enjoyed it. See for your self!

I know for you folks who live in the land of lots of snow, don't think much of this but remember I'm in Mesa AZ.


Bonnie said...

Mary - I spent last week in Sedona with my parents (from Idaho) and 2 sisters (from SLC). We were looking forward to some Arizona sunshine & warmth. Boy did we get a surprise! It was just like another winter week in Utah, with all the snow & cold. We drove up to Flagstaff a couple of times during the week - therre was about a foot of snow that accumulated there. Brrrrr.

Mary said...

Sorry Bonnie,
That you came when we had a cold spell. It was even cold and rainy in Mesa. It is nice today.