Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A very small speed bump in the road of life.

Well here I'm in all my glory after my cataract surgery. It was hard to smile with all that tape on my face. That shield and patch were very annoying. It was also annoying that I could not read. I survived a whole 24 hours with out reading! A small miracle in itself. I couldn't get my glasses over my shield. I ended up making a run to the doctors office yesterday afternoon because it felt like I had an eye lash in my eye. Sure enough my eye bottom lashes had turned up and were in my eye. Do you know how hard it is to keep an eye closed when the other one is open, even with it patched down. I reclined in my lazy boy watching TV and sleeping. Which of course meant I didn't sleep well last night.

Today when to the doctors and I had my patch removed and my eye examined. I can now see 20 - 40 in that eye for distance. And that is less than 24 hours after surgery. I had a mono vision lens implanted.
I have to admit I was very nervous going into surgery, after all I understand all the risk and complications that can occur. The idea of anything near my eye drives me nuts let alone anything in it. I can't even stand others putting in eye drops. My logical brain said this is very minor, the most common surgery performed, high success rate and all. But it's that old emotional brain that get scared and worries. I also come from a long line of worriers, so I can do it well.

I'm grateful for many things, just to live in an age of implantable lens is wonderful. The care is so much easier than it was 40 years ago when I was an LPN and did private duty for cataract patients who had to stay in bed and couldn't turn to the operative side and a whole bunch of other things. I had a good skilled doctor and nurses and best of all I have a good husband you held my hand and took care of me. Plus he and Kinsen have to do the kitty litter boxes for the next 2 weeks!! The surgery wasn't as bad as what my imagination can conjure up. All I saw was a bright light and at the end I could see the drop the doctor put in, it looked like a circle spreading across my vision. The anesthesiologist said I fought the anesthesia all the way. I wasn't trying to, but I needed double of the IV stuff as well as the local anesthesia around my eye. Like I said I was really nervous. Nurses just don't make good patients. We don't like being on the other side of the needle.

I'm glad it is over and I very glad for my gift of vision!! How precious a gift it is. Go enjoy looking at beautiful things today. I know I will.

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