Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Lost Quilt

While checking the blogs I follow for new posting, I saw a very helpful one on Caron Mosey's Blog, her site is also on my side bar. She was writing about copyrighting quilts, than she added a link to the Lost Quilts website. I remembered I have a picture of my lost quilt on that site.
I do miss my quilt, especially when I see the one I still have that is similar. That's a funny thing, I don't miss quilts I give as gifts, I guess because I gave them a home, but this one I miss.
So since one great idea encourage another great idea. I decided to post a picture and a link to my lost quilt, see my side bar. Maybe it will find it's way home again. If not I hope it is happy where she is now living. Thanks Caron for giving me the idea.
I made the quilt as a class sample for Stain Glass paper piecing. The last time I remember having it was one of two times. That's bad isn't it. I can't remember the last time I really had it. Anyway I had it down at the shop where I teach and never got it back or I took it to a trunk show I did at Cactus Patchers meeting and lost it at the Tempe Adult center.

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Caron said...

That's a gorgeous quilt!!! I would miss that, too! Thanks for the plug for my blog. :)