Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Hit!

Friday night my work team from all over the valley had a get together in Phoenix. The crew from the East valley rode the new light rail down to the Spaghetti Factory, I'm in the East valley. We had dinner and a gift exchange. We did the exchange like a White Elephant. Two of the gifts I picked were stolen from me. The gift I brought was pasted over and past over. So it was the last gift to be taken. I had secret hopes of it being picked early and stolen lots of times. When Kris picked up the package she said, "There is nothing in here." Well here are a couple of pictures of Kris and the little wall hanging, she was so excited.

She told me she has it hanging on her cubical at work to add some color to the area. It makes me happen when people like my quilts. Kris was really thrilled to have the last gift, "it was the best", she said.

Here is a picture of the rest of my co-workers who went to the dinner. There are five who didn't attend. We work across the Phoenix area.

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