Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Quilting Upate a Little Late

Sunday sure did go by in a hurry. I had my pictures taken and about ready to do my blog entry when Kinsen came home from work. Today (Monday)is his birthday he is 24 and since we work days & he works evenings we decided to do our cake and gift for him last night. So I visited with the guys instead.

I did a lot of non quilting type activities this week. I took my class sample to the shop, wrote a class description and supply list for the One Block Wonder Class I'm teaching in Feb and March. I decided to do a two part class with a month in between to give them time to sew all those hexagons.

I also worked on my outline for my EQ6 demonstration tomorrow night at my chapter of the Arizona Quilters Guild meeting. I have to have an outline so I show off everything I'm thinking about. I'm not worried about not having enough material, too much is more likely to be my problem. When I teach my Beginner's class for 3 hours I always go over. I have notebooks to show what the program can do, such as handout for my quilting classes and stuff you can print out. I also have some of the quilts I have designed in EQ6 to show off.

I did finish the binding on the Square Falling Hearts and worked on my Long Falling Hearts. I'm waiting for some pink fabric a friend of mine is sending to me to add another heart or two. I wished the pink showed up better. I also sewed the binding on my Winter Wonderland, and started doing the back side by hand. I'm not going to show a picture of that until it is complete.

I didn't get to work on my Mystery Quilt. I had planned to do some of that on the weekend. The instructor took her instructions off the website on Friday while I was at work. So I didn't want to do any thing without reviewing the instructions. So that will have to wait. Luckily the DVD came in the mail today, so I'm set now.

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