Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Night Quilting Updates

Well it has been a very productive week! I finished my Mini Valentine of Falling Hearts, this will hang on my cubical wall at work. I finished my Winter Wonderland 9 Patch Pizzazz.

I laid out my One Block Wonder and even started sewing it into rows. Here it is with the border

fabric. The light green will be for the floating borders around the hexagons. Then the dark ruby for a narrow resting border. On the square window, I'll use the wide border.

The One Block Wonder will be curtains for the Master Bedroom. We had to add a window in the bedroom when we closed in the back patio. So one part is for the windows, I'm thinking of doing it like a Roman Shade.
You can see pictures of the room being added on in my Webshots link to the right. Go to the album Our House.

The other two panels are for the French doors we used to replace the sliding glass door that went to the patio. I will use the narrow border on this, the narrow ruby and a narrow light green for the floating border.

This is how far I made it with sewing the rows. Now they are on strips, I have six done with four more to go. I'll have to do some measuring of the center to make sure it will fit my window, I might take off the last strip on this lay out.


Jen said...

Your One Block Wonder is stunning. That border looks so beautiful with it. Great job!

Kellie said...

I love your one block wonder, I can't wait to see it in person.

Mary said...

You can see it when you come to Mesa for the Quilt Show in March.