Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Painting is Done!

Yes the painting is done! That is on the new addition outside. Later the rest of the house outside will be done. My husband’s idea not mine. I would say get it all done now but it’s his domain. It seems it took a long time to get it finished. A couple of test paints. One day of spray painting and another day of painting with a roller and brush on the details. Richard and Kinsen did a good job!!

I went outside today to take the pictures so the sun would be to my back. In the afternoon it is always in my eyes and it's had to take the pictures then.

It is a lovely morning outside, my weather widget states it is 54 degrees but I think it is warmer than that. Notice the lovely blue sky. I also picked the first orange from our tree. They are not ready yet maybe next month.

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