Saturday, January 3, 2009

Paint Test 2

Yesterday my husband and I looked at some paint chips and found two colors close to what we have. Today Richard painted it on the house around the new window in the bedroom. It is very close to what we had and we like it. I have always liked the colors of our house and have no imagination on what other colors I would want to use. So we will repaint it the same colors we have. Right now we are just painting the new room and around the new window. Later this year we will paint the rest of the house. We have red brick in front. Richard wants to build his work shop before he paints the whole house.

Look how close this is, the old paint is more than 16 years old. In Febuarary we will be in the house 16 years. You can see the first paint test in a post Our House from Dec 13th.

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