Monday, January 5, 2009

It Was A Mega Hit!

I presented Glenda with her gift. Her face just lit up so when I gave her the bag. I was trying to get a picture her face when she first saw the quilt. But I didn't get it, Rob our other co-worker was going on about look at the label. I'm kicking him to be quiet, so she can just enjoy. Then someone from another department comes in and gets in the way. But I will remember the look on her face it was priceless. She was so happy. Here we are with her wall hanging. I'm the tall one, she is short stuff!

Here is Glenda with her little quilt in it's new home. Later in the day I did change that bright white clip to an aqua one. It looks much better. She even named him Hymie. I'm glad she decided to leave him at work, so I can enjoy him also.

I made the label, I use special Christmas label for Christmas gifts so why not a Hanukkah label for a Hanukkah gift.

It was so fun watching her open her gift, that it really made me feel good to give her the gift because she appreciated. Goes to prove you should only make gifts for people who love them!!


marvelmis said...

Even though I helped choose the material, it was SO AWESOME; Hymie was going to go home with me, but I love having him at work, he makes me smile everytime I look at him. Thank you Mary!

Mary said...

You are very welcome Glenda!