Saturday, January 3, 2009

How we spent Friday & Saturday

We have one bedroom that has our food storage. Most of it has been piled almost to the ceiling in boxes that hold six cans. If I needed anything I would have to have Richard or Kinsen move boxes to get the one can I needed. I do have one can of all frequently used items in the kitchen, but they do run out and need to be replaced. So we found these really neat shelves on line but the price was prohibitive. At thanksgiving I received an add that they are 40% off. So we ordered one. Friday after work we put it together and loaded it up. It looks so nice and it is so easy to use. I have the smaller version of these in my kitchen pantry for small cans. We still have a lot to do to organize our food storage but this has really made me happy. I was able to get a can of flour this morning all by myself.
Here is the before picture.

Here is the after picture. Richard wants to build me some shevles but that might take a while. You know how guys and projects can be. This is the link to the sheves:
Here are the 17 boxes we emptied.

Here are the boxes we still have to organize, at least they are in piles of wheat, rice, beans and etc.

This is the wheat grinder making flour out of my 6 grain mix: red wheat, white wheat, pinto beans, lentil beans, millet & barley.

The flour is nice and fine.

This is me making my bread.

I didn't want you to think I'm a superwomen!! Thanks Heavens for bread machines. I use it every other week.


Janice Hartman said...

Mary, that is neat. You have more food storage than I have. Mine is in my walk in closet and all in boxes. I'd have to move boxes to get what I want. And--you make your bread! that is good but all wheat makes my IBS act up. I have to mix it with white flour. I have the same kind of wheat grinder as you.
Good job!

Mary said...

I use 1 Cup of 6 grain flour, 1 Cup of Wheat flour and 1 3/4 cup of white flour. It doesn't raise as high as when I use white flour only but it tastes great.
We firgure we will have to feed our 3 kids and their spouses, and three of Richard's sibblings since none of them have food storage. We are now working more on the stuff we use daily.