Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blog Restyling Nightmares

What a Morning?
I almost ruined my blog. I wanted to change the background but my favorite place to get backgrounds is closed for repairs, that The Cutest Blog on the Block. So I found this background from another site, which is OK not what I was looking for. One tends to get a little dazed after looking at some many things. When I went to add it I mistakenly deleted all my widgets. I tried to replace my previous template but it didn't come back the it's previous glory. So I moved on to the new temple.
I have spent the last hour and a half trying to remember what I had and where to find them. I think I better take a screen shot of what I do so I can replace it if needed and not tax my poor old brain. I also made sure I had links to all my favorite spots so I don't have to search for them again. The only widget I haven't found again is my local weather one. The one good thing is I now have the check box reactions showing, that didn't show before even thought they were checked. Now I hope some one will use it.
Now I need to go do all the other stuff I have to do on a Saturday.


Crazy Bird said...

I use the Cutest Blog on the Block for my backgrounds too and noticed their site was down. I like your background anyway!

Janice Hartman said...

I almost lost my site and decided I better back it up. Thankgoodness I did or it would be gone. I was trying to change my background. Don't completely like what I have because it doesn't go with my header. Right now I have other things to to.