Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Night Quilting Updates

Well another present is done and another started. Here is the completed one. This is for my co-worker Rob, he admired mine I had at work in March. So I made him one.

This next one is for my daughter-in-law Krystal. Lesson learned, when picking out panels pick out coordinating fabrics at the same time. I didn't and last week I picked out some yellow and blue to go with it, thinking it was the same line and it would match. Well I went to put the blue borders on tonight and it isn't a match, not even closed. So I made do with some left overs I had from my Winter Wonderland. It looks OK and I think she will like it.

The third project of the week was picking out fabrics for my other co-worker, Glenda. She didn't like what I had originally picked out so I found some other fabric and it was a hit. The border fabric was good from the start. I told her it won't be done in time for the eighth day of Hanukkah, she is fine with that she just loves the Jane Wilson pattern so much she doesn't care when she gets. She collects frogs. The pattern is the Badlands Frog.

Looks like I'll be up late sewing the next couple of nights!!

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