Thursday, November 27, 2008

Well I did it!

I have been thinking about starting a Blog for a while. I have friends with blogs and I visit a lot of quilting blogs. This one is for me, my friends and my quilting. I also am making a family site for my family that I'm going to give as a Christmas gift to the family with the hope it will help us keep up with each others news and life. That will be on
Well it is the early morning hours of Thanksgiving day and I decided to start my blog today. I hadn't planed on starting it at 4 AM but I was up and couldn''t go back to sleep, so I came to my computer and started. But right now I need to go back to bed.
More later, until then Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope I always have an attitude of gratitude!

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Janice Hartman said...

Mary, your blog is great. I've got to put more quilting stuff on my blog. Your quilts look great. We had a nice Thanksgiving. We went out to dinner with Jerry's brother and wife. Then I worked on the computer trying to digitize Jerry's logo. I want to put in on a shirt for him for Christmas - just small above the pocket. Also watched the new movie coming out on the sister missionaries on channel 114. It was good.
Thanks for putting my blog on your.